more than just a cooking lesson


Urban Kitchen is a space where people come to learn how to easily cook in a social and friendly environment the different dishes of Peruvian and international cuisine. After cooking, they'll sit at the table and eat what they've cooked. At that point, the experience of a class will mix with a restaurant experience.

Urban Kitchen stems from a concept that already exists in other parts of the world , but it is the first participatory cuisine in Lima, Peru.

Led by a young and dynamic team, Urban Kitchen seeks to offer a different cooking experience in a city as exciting as Lima .

At Urban Kitchen the classes are designed so that anyone can learn regardless of their previous experience. We have summarized in one place cooking classes and a social experience, where, under the supervision of a renowned chef, you will learn to prepare delicious dishes and enjoy them with an entertaining conversation.

Peru is one of the countries with the best and most varied cuisine worldwide. In Urban Kitchen we will teach you the tricks and secrets for you to prepare the most delicious traditional dishes and some not so well known. In addition, we could show you how to prepare dishes from different parts of the world, revealing the cooking secrets to surprise your family and guests.

It is no secret that a significant part of the kitchen is the right choice of ingredients: fresh and top quality. In Urban Kitchen we select the best ingredients to ensure a good end result on the plate.

At Urban Kitchen we also offer exclusive activities for tourists interested in our culinary proposal, including cooking classes entirely in english or tours to the different food markets of the city.

We invite you to contact us so that you can live an unforgettable culinary experience.